The IDC business concept began at The University of Queensland as a series of conversations about the challenges facing the energy, resources and development sectors and the role of social scientists in responding to these challenges.

As resources decline and production pressures increase, developers and stakeholders are requiring higher levels of support in finding equitable and practical solutions to issues generated by rapid social change, conflict, competition for land, and development expectations. These same issues are front and centre concerns for lenders, development agencies and community members.

IDC sits within a network of global professionals and independent researchers who are actively engaged in improving the capacity of industry and development professionals. The common overarching principle being to work collaboratively with industry and development practitioners to support positive and measurable change.

As a small business IDC does not attempt to replicate the research work undertaken by leading universities or the pro-forma  services provided by large consulting firms.

IDC specializes in working collaboratively with industry and development practitioners to provide tailored and careful solutions. The focus on collaborative practice is to ensure that scope, design, process, learnings and deliverables all speak to the  capacities, complexities, and resources that the client is having to negotiate in their respective context.

John Owen is the founding director of IDC and is the company's Principal Social Scientist.